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CWON Evangelism

January 12, 2018 @ 8:00 am - 5:00 pm


i. In line with the Apostolic Exhortation “Evangelii Gaudium” of the Holy Father Pope Francis, on the proclamation of the Gospel in today’s world, and the New Evangelisation,
ii. Recognising the importance of the family as the bedrock of society, and
iii. Acknowledging the key role of mothers in character-moulding, formation and nation-building, established a National Evangelisation Committee. As part of the plan of action of this Committee, a training of CWON evangelisers, appointed from across the provinces and dioceses of Nigeria, was organized at Domus Guest House, Holy Ghost Cathedral Enugu on 25th November, 2017.

At the training, the following key issues were raised:
1. The Aim/Focus of Evangelisation: Conversion or Change of Heart and Lifestyle
2. Strategies for Evangelisation for children (1-12yrs.). These include:
i. Revamping of block rosary across Nigeria
ii. Establishing Children Ministry on Sundays
iii. Buying and use of children’s religious books
iiii. Use of colouring books on the Bible for kids
v. Ensuring children start catechism at an early age
vi. Praying regularly in the family
vii. Bible reading and sharing in the family with children encouraged to lead
viii. Monitoring the programmes and films children watch
ix. Replacing wrong videos with Christian, Catholic and educational ones.
x. Dressing children modestly
3. Strategies for Evangelisation of the Youth. These include the following: Parents should:
i. Be friendly with their children to instill confidence and encourage openness.
ii. Avoid harshness
iii. Provide for their children
iiii. Give them the right sex education
v. Encourage them to dress modestly
vi. Live by example
vii. Ensure they attend doctrinal and pre-marital classes to make them well-grounded
viii. Applaud them when they have done right instead of only pointing out what they have done wrong
ix. Be humble enough to apologise to their children when they make a mistake
x. Monitor and advise their children especially when it comes to issues of peer group influence
4. Preparations for Evangelisation:
i. Dialogue with the CWON Archdiocesan Officials
ii. Dialogue with the bishops and priests
iii. Dialogue with the CWON
iiii. Dialogue with the youth and the children
v. Planning and implementation
5. Modalities for Evangelisation:
i. Plan the meetings and ensure there is publicity
ii. Carry out implementation meetings
iii. Understand the facilitators and the audience
iiii. Select resource persons and training materials
v. Identify the area of concentration and be versed in it.
vi. Map out the set objectives
vii. Choose the most suitable time for the training. Set SMART goals and evaluate. There should be a set timetable for all parishes. The trainers should be evaluated by the trainers and impact of the programme assessed.
viii. New additional methods of evangelisation: mass media, social media.
6. Qualities of an Evangeliser:
i. An evangelizer has to internalize Jesus i.e.. she must imitate Jesus
ii. There must be true conversion.
iii. There must be reverence for truth in the life of an evangeliser.
iiii. An evangeliser must search for the real truth tirelessly
v. These can be achieved with the acronym
J justice
E equality
S sincerity
U understanding
S selflessness
The House resolved that:
1. A step-down training will be carried out at diocesan level to train parish evangelisers.
2. Parish priests will be briefed on the outcome of the training and their cooperation sought.
3. Constant monitoring of the evangelisation content will be carried out to ensure that it is in line with Catholic doctrine.

The training was a very successful, interactive and participatory one. It is poised to reach non-believers and those who have derailed, as well as increase the faith of practicing Catholics with new fervour, new method and new expression in accordance with Matt. 28:19-20 ‘Go therefore and make apostles of all nations’.

Through Mary Our Mother, we succeed.


Lady Regina Emehelu
Chairman Evangelization Committee

Mrs. Cecilia Nwanneka Okolo
National President


January 12, 2018
8:00 am - 5:00 pm
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