2019 Mother’s Day Message

From: The National President
Catholic Women Organisation Nigeria

2019 Mother’s Day Message

Happy Mothers’ Day to all our women out there who struggle from day to day to take care of humanity. The Lord is our strength and our stronghold. Keep up the good work and be strengthened by the fact that our motherhood derives from and remains a participation in the simple, humble but exemplary Motherhood of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of God.

As we celebrate, let us remember to take care of families in difficult situations, especially it’s most vulnerable members and work hard for the elimination of discrimination and violence against women and the family.

We will endeavor to educate ourselves, families and society to respond to the call for holiness. Life is a mission and to be holy is not to be perfect, but to trust in God to help us along the way.

Let us make the home a haven of joy, peace and good cheer and continue to be carriers of living water to a world that thirsts for peace.

Through Mary our Mother, we succeed!!!

Mrs Nwanneka Okolo

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